Vacation Bible School (VBS) is a Christian Summer Program generally for children ages 3 to 13. It is held in the summer months to connect with kids and their families in the community. VBS is a fun, playful outreach program meant to bring children who don’t normally attend church and teach them about the gospel.

Arise is proud to offer this FREE program for all children/families in our community. We also provide a FREE dinner!

Our VBS theme this year is “Peace Lab: Where Children Discover God’s Way of Peace!” Children will learn how to resolve conflicts and figuring out ways to help others; preparing them to become compassionate peacemakers like Jesus.

During our opening ceremony, we will have two Arise actors welcoming the children and introducing the daily subject matter and activities through drama. Afterwards, we will break for dinner and then begin our rotation, based on age groups, through three stations: recreation, crafts, and storytelling. Afterwards, we will conclude the evening with a closing ceremony by recapping what was taught and learned that day.

With live skits, music, fun, crafts, games, and story-telling the children are sure to be busy the entire duration of VBS learning to discover God’s way of peace.

So, come join us and find the Peace Maker in you! Walk-In or register online below.  


You may register 4 children at one time
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